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Long Beach

Smoked Chicken Salad


Pulled smoked chicken, bacon, tomatoes, green onions Cheddar cheese, and lettuce greens

Salad without Smoked Chicken:Salad without Smoked Chicken +$3.20
Add Bread | (Long Beach) (Optional):Cornbread +$1Biscuit +$1Plain Hushpuppy +$1Jalapeno Hushpuppy +$11/2 Plain 1/2 Jalapeno Hushpuppy +$1
Add to Any Salad | (Long Beach) (Optional):BBQ Chicken +$6.60Blackened Catfish +$6.60Sliced Smoke Tri-tip +$6.60Salmon Fillet +$7.99Smoked Turkey +$6.60Beyond Burger +$8Soy Chicken Fried +$8Soy Chicken Grilled +$8Soy Chicken Blackened +$8