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$ 6.99 Breakfast Specials - Breakfast
Long Beach

Lonesome Breakfast


Egg:UP Scr soft Egg style scrambled Scr hard Scr with cheese +$1.15Egg style over easy Egg style over medium Egg style over hard Egg style poached Poach soft Poach medium Poach hard Basted Whites No egg Hard Boiled Scr with onion
Break fixin:Grits Chs grits +$1.15Potatoes Potatoes NO ONION Potatoes WELL DONE Fruit Tomato slices Cot chs Spuds +$3.25Peaches Pass
Bread BREAK:Biscuit Sourdough Toast Wheat Toast Pancake +$1French Toast +$1Waffle +$2PASS No Bread/ Up Charge Side +$2
Modifications (1) salad:DRY SOS Egg White Omelette Bacon Crispy Add 4oz Gvy +$0.50No Egg Salsa +$0.50Butterflied Add Fried Green Tomato (2) +$4.25Add Avocado +$2.95Add Bacon +$2Add Slaw +$0.75Add Beef +$2Add Bell Pepper +$0.35Add Green Onion +$0.35Add Mushroom +$0.35Add Grilled Onion +$0.45Add Spinach +$1.25Add Tomato +$0.35Add White Onion +$0.35Add Cucumber +$0.35Extra Plate DONT MAKE Allergy Add Catfish +$5.25