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Sandwiches - Individuals Meals
Long Beach

Hot Link Sandwich


Comes with 2 hot links butterflied, smothered in Atlanta BBQ sauce on a bun

Fixins (Long Beach) (Select up to 2):BBQ Beans Mac n Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Cajun Rice Southern Cole Slaw French Fries Fresh Vegetables Collard Greens Potato Salad Sweet Potato Fries +$1Okra +$1
Plant Base Option | (Long Beach) (Optional):Beyond Burger +$2.90Soy Chicken Fried +$2.90Soy Chicken Blackened +$2.90Soy Chicken Grilled +$2.90
Sandwich Modifications | (Long Beach) (Optional):Sauce on Side Add Lettuce Dry Don't Make Allergy Extra Plate