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Southern Salads - Individuals Meals
Long Beach

Farmer's Market Salad


Mixed greens, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, mushroom, and avocado.

Add Bread | (Long Beach) (Optional):Cornbread +$1Biscuit +$1Plain Hushpuppy +$1Jalapeno Hushpuppy +$11/2 Plain 1/2 Jalapeno Hushpuppy +$1
Dressing (Long Beach) (Select 1):Ranch BBQ Ranch Thousand Caesar Dress Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette No Dressing
Salad Add Ons | (Long Beach) (Optional):Tomato Corn Cucumber Mushroom Avocado
Salad Protein Add On | (Long Beach) (Optional):Boneless Fried Chicken +$5.75Blackened Chicken Breast +$5.75Grilled Chicken Breast +$5.75Fried Catfish +$5.75Blackened Catfish +$5.75Brisket +$5.75Pulled Pork +$5.75Pulled Chicken +$5.75Salmon +$5.75Smoked Turkey +$5.75
Salad Modifications | (Long Beach) (Optional):Add Cheddar +$1.15Add Pepperjack +$1.15Add Provolone +$1.15Dry Sauce on Side Egg White Omelette Bacon cooked - Crispy Add 4oz Gravy +$0.50No Egg Salsa Butterflied Add Fried Green Tomato (2) +$4.25Add Avocado +$2.95Add Bacon +$2Add Slaw +$0.75Add Beef +$2Add Bell Pepper +$0.35Add Green Onion +$0.35Add Mushroom +$0.35Add Grilled Onion +$0.45Add Spinach +$1.25Add Tomato +$0.35Add White Onion +$0.35Add Cucumber +$0.35Extra Plate Don't Make Allergy Add Catfish +$5.25Corn