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Breakfast Sandwiches - Breakfast
Long Beach

Biscuits and Gravy


Add crumbled sausage or bacon 2.35

Add break fixin$$:Potatoes +$3.50Grits +$3.50Fruit +$3.50Cot chs +$3.50Tom slices +$3.50Add egg +$1.65Add Sausage +$1.95Add Bacon +$1.95
Add Meat:Bacon +$1.95Sausage +$1.95Mixed +$1.95
Modifications (1):Add an Egg +$1.65DRY SOS Egg White Omelette Bacon Crispy Add 4oz Gvy +$0.50No Egg Butterflied Add Fried Green Tomato (2) +$4.25Add Avocado +$2.95Add Bacon +$2Add Slaw +$0.75Add Beef +$2Add Bell Pepper +$1Add Green Onion +$1Add Mushroom +$1Add Grilled Onion +$1Add Spinach +$1Add Tomato +$1Add White Onion +$1Add Cucumber +$1Extra Plate DONT MAKE Allergy
Vegetarian "Meat" Option:Beyond Burger +$2.50