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Long Beach

Beef Ribs 3 bones Plate


3 Bones smoked Beef Ribs includes two fixins and a buttermilk biscuit

Fixins:BBQ Beans Mac n Cheese Mashed Potatoes Brunswick Stew +$1Grilled Mac N Cheese +$1Cajun Rice Southern Cole Slaw Fresh Vegetables Collard Greens Potato Salad French Fries Sweet Potato Fries +$1Okra +$1Frickles +$1Pass
Bread***:Biscuit Cornbread Plain HPUP Jalapeno HPUP 1/2 Plain 1/2 Jal HPUP PASS
4 oz Sauces (Extra Charge):Atlanta BBQ +$0.75Sweet Chili +$0.75Hot Soul BBQ +$0.75Buttermilk Ranch +$0.75Chipotle Crema +$0.75
Extra Breads:Biscuit +$1.50Cornbread +$1.50Plain HPUP +$1.50Jalapeno HPUP +$1.501/2 Plain, 1/2 Jal HPUP +$1.50