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Breakfast Plates - Breakfast
Long Beach

Beef and Eggs


Brisket:Sliced Chopped
Egg Style:Egg style scrambled Egg style over easy Egg style over medium Egg style over hard UP Egg style poached Scr with cheese +$1.15Poach soft Poach medium Poach hard Scr soft Scr hard Basted Whites No egg
Break fixin:Potatoes Grits Fruit Tomatoe slices Chs grits +$1.15Spuds +$3.25Pass Potatoes no onion Potatoes well done
Toast Choice:Wht WW SD Rye Biscuit Cake Fr toast +$1Pass CB Hp HP jal 1 Waffle +$2
Add break fixin$$:Potatoes +$3.50Grits +$3.50Cheese Grits +$4.25Fruit +$3.50Cot chs +$3.50Tom slices +$3.50Yankee Spuds +$6.95Add egg +$1.65Add 2 FGT +$4.25
Add $$$$:Add Avocado $ +$2.95Add Bacon$ +$2Add Beef$ +$2Add Bell Pepper +$1Add Boneless Breast +$5.25Add Cajun Sausage +$5Add Cheese +$1.15Add Chicken +$2Add Chicken Fried Chicken +$5.25Add Chicken Fried Steak +$4.95Add Egg +$1.65Add Fried Chicken Breast +$5.25Add Fried Green Tomato +$4.25Add Gravy +$0.50Add Green Onion +$1Add Grilled Onion +$1Add Ham +$2Add Hot Link Sausage +$4.95Add Mushroom +$1Add Peas +$1Add Pork +$2Add Pulled Chicken +$2Add Sausage +$2Add Shrimps +$6Add Slaw +$0.70Add Sour Cream +$0.50Add Spinach +$1Add Tomato +$1Add Tri-Tip +$6.25Add White Onion +$1Add Yankee Spuds +$3.50Add Cat +$6.25Add Black Cat