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Long Beach

BBQ Melt


Thick slices of Texas Toast, gooey cheddar cheese, with a choice of pulled pork, brisket, or pulled chicken. Served with Atlanta BBQ.

Meat:Pork Chicken Sliced Beef Chopped Beef
Fixins $$$:Fries +$3Slaw +$3Beans +$3SmashFry +$3Collard Greens +$3Mashed Potatoes +$3Mac N Cheese +$3Fresh Vegetables +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$4Onion Rings +$4Grits +$3Cheese Grits +$4Bity Salad w/ Ranch +$3Bity Salad w/ Thousand +$3Bity Salad w/ Bleu Cheese +$3Bity Salad w/ Caesar +$3Bity Salad w/ Vinaigrette +$3Bity Salad w/ BBQ Ranch +$31/2 Avocado +$2.95Okra +$4Rice +$3Bru Swick Stew +$4
Plant Based Option:Beyond Burger +$2.90Soy Chicken Fried +$2.90Soy Chicken Blackened +$2.90Soy Chicken Grilled +$2.90
Modifications:Sub Pepp Jack BBQ Add Bacon +$1.95DONT MAKE ALLERGY Dry SOS Extra Plate

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